We are



Services We Offer


-what you hear

Cenzontle provides interpretation services between Spanish and English, for needs ranging from short meetings to multi-day conferences, and many others.

- WHat you read

Cenzontle provides high-quality written translations between English and Spanish.

- what you feel/ do

Cenzontle offers trainings to organizations, institutions and businesses on creating language access, multilingual spaces, and a culture and practice of language justice.


Language Justice

Language Justice is a commitment to create inclusive multilingual spaces where each of us may feel free to bring our whole selves into the room. This is the practice of actively building a world where english is not the dominant language in our spaces and where language is not a barrier to communication and community building.


Our Mission

As Cenzontle Language Justice Cooperative we believe in language justice to ensure we uplift all human dignity. We are interpreters, translators and consultants that strive to build bridges between communities working for liberation.